Minutes – 12/01/2016




Present; Chairman – V Clare

Councillors – M Selwood, M Alexander, A Wilson, D Orchard, J Price, B Rogerson,  C Withey, A McCandless, J Fletcher.

Derbyshire County Council – Councillor R Parkinson

Members of the public – S Brown – South Street, A Bowley – Walk Close. Draycott



001/16. Apologies- RESOLVED to approve the apologies for absence submitted on behalf of  Councillor D Dundas and PCSO K Pykett

002/16 – Election of Parish Councillor – Councillor Jenifer Fletcher signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

003/16. Variation of Order of Business – none.

004/16. Declaration of Members Interests – Councillor Fletcher declared an interest in Minute 010/16 vi) as she is a Member of the Draycott in Bloom which is part of the Draycott Village Fund. Councillor Fletcher remained in the meeting but took no part in the discussions or voting.

005/16. Dispensations – it was noted that dispensations had been requested and granted to all Councillors in respect of budget and precept making business.

006/16. Public Speaking – PCSO Pykett – had provided written information on 6 crimes since the last meeting.

Derbyshire County Council – Cllr Parkinson had provided a written report.

Erewash Borough Council – Cllrs Clare and McCandless reported on Borough matters.

Councillor Orchard reported on his attendance at a meeting of the Risley Educational Foundation.


007/16.Minutes – RESOLVED to confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the meetings held on the 8 and 16 December 2015.


008/16 To determine which items if any from Part 1 of the Agenda should be taken with the public excluded. – No items were deemed confidential.


009/16 Chairman’s Announcements. – the Chairman welcomed Councillor Fletcher onto the Parish Council. She reminded Members of the open meeting on the 3 February at 7.30pm to discuss events to commemorate the 1st World War. She also informed the meeting that the application to EBC for Rural Grants scheme funding has been successful and thanked the Clerk for making the application and reported that the new web-site was now up and running.


010/16. Report of the Parish Clerk –

i)Budget and Precept 2016/17 – RESOLVED that the Parish Council set a Precept of £26,950 for 2016/17 and a Concurrent Functions budget of £45,796 for 2016/17

ii) Christmas Illuminations 2016 – RESOLVED a) that the Parish Council set up of a Working Group b) that the terms of reference be approved c) that Councillor Selwood be leader of the working group with Cllrs Clare, Price and Fletcher the other Parish Council members.

iii) Local Council Award Scheme – RESOLVED to note that the Parish Council has been awarded Quality level in the LCAS. It was agreed that DALC be asked to make an official presentation at the Annual Parish Meeting. The Clerk was congratulated on making a successful application.

iv) DCC – Cultivation consent for land at Market Street, Draycott – RESOLVED that the Parish Council should sign the cultivation licence.

v) Parish Council newsletters – RESOLVED that Councillors would undertake the delivery of the next edition.

vi) Draycott Village Fund – RESOLVED to note and approve future communication arrangements with the group and its sections.

vii) Derbyshire Constabulary – Divisional structure – RESOLVED to note the information received from the Chief Constable and the Police Crime Commissioner.


011/16. Finance

  1. a) Accounts for payment and receipts since the last meeting.

PAYMENTS –                                                         £

Direct Debits

Eon – Parish Rooms and Pavilion                            76.92

JWP – web-site management                                   35.25

EBC – Rates – Cemetery                                         50.00

BT – Telephone and internet                         145.27


A Wright – computer                                                270.00

Staff salary and wages                                            1757.62

Petty cash                                                             14.25

St Chad’s Fishing club – litter picking                       67.00

GB Water – Legionella testing                                  42.00

Horizon Landscapes – ground maintenance              2964.00

Paul Guyll – ground maintenance                             658.34

A Wright – laptop                                                    180.00

Suffolk Assoc of Local Councils – LCAS                 48.00



TA and VR – Rent –Leisure Green                             180.90

Draycott United FC – Fees                                       125.00

AW Lymn – interment of ashes                                 40.00

Lovell FC – Fees                                                     450.00

Sandiacre Town Y.F.C – Fees                                  730.00

b) Financial Statement – RESOLVED to note the statement


012/16 Planning – RESOLVED to note

ApprovalsERE/0915/0042 – Victoria Mills, Town End Road, Draycott, ERE/1015/0025 – Garages rear 47-57 Sawley Road, Draycott, ERE/0915/0046 – Wilne Mills, Draycott. ERE/1115/0012 – 2 Wilne Road, Draycott, ERE/1115/0014 – Land NW of Wallis Close, Draycott.

Refusal – ERE/0915/0038 – Land south of 6 The Pines, Draycott

Withdrawn – ERE/1015/0038 – 101 Derby Road, Draycott


013/16 DALC Circulars – 26/2015 – 27/2015

i)Training – future training was discussed.


014/16 Items for Information – CPRE




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