Minutes – 11/07/17





Present; Chairman – V Clare

Councillors – M Selwood, A Wilson, B Rogerson, J Fletcher, D Gelsthorpe, B Timberley

Members of the Public – Jane and Mark Keenan – Elm Lodge, Breaston.



79/17. Apologies- RESOLVED to approve the apologies for absence submitted on behalf of Councillors Alexander, Dundas and McCandless


80/17. Variation of Order of Business – none.


81/17. Declaration of Members Interests –  none.


82/17. Dispensations – Dispensations had been requested and had been granted to all Councillors in respect of Draycott Millennium Green Trust business.


83/17. Public Speaking –

Mr and Mrs Keenan attended the meeting to raise concerns about speeding on Sawley Road and the absence of a pavement. It was agreed that the Parish Council should request a site meeting with DCC and also ask the police for statistics relating to accidents on Sawley Road.

Derbyshire Constabulary – PCSO Pykett had provided a written report detailing 5 crimes. She had also responded to an enquiry about shed and vehicle crimes. It was agreed that the Parish Council and Safer Neighbourhood Team should produce an article for the web-site and social media.

Derbyshire County Council – Cllr Parkinson had produced a written report.

Erewash Borough Council – Cllr Clare reported on Borough activities.

Councillor Gelsthorpe reported on the DALC training course he attended with Cllr Timberley.

Councillor Clare reported on her attendance at the Canal Trust fundraising appeal event and also reported that a Neighbourhood Watch meeting had been held.


84/17.Minutes – RESOLVED to confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the meetings held on the 13 June 2017 and 11 July 2017.


85/17 To determine which items if any from Part 1 of the Agenda should be taken with the public excluded. – none


86/17 Chairman’s Announcements. –

The Chairman reported that she had attended the following events as Chairman

– Draycott in Bloom lunch earlier that day following the judging.

– Friends of St Chad’s Flower Festival weekend.

She congratulated the members of both groups on the wonderful work they had done.

She thanked those who had helped at the Band concert – it was agreed that it had been a most successful event.

She informed the meeting;

– That she would be attending the DCC/Parish/Town Councils Liaison meeting in September on behalf of the P Council and invited any other Cllr interested to join her.

-That the casual vacancy was now being advertised with a closing date of the 28 July.

-That the EBC mobile skate park would be making 2 visits to Draycott free of charge.

87/17. Report of the Parish Clerk – 

a)Planning Applications – the method of consultation and response for applications received during the remainder of July and August was RESOLVED.

b)Staff Appraisal – RESOLVED to note that Councillors Clare and Selwood carried out a staff appraisal and review of the Clerk’s contract, job description and person specification on the 22 June 2017. The Clerk was congratulated on another successful year.

c) Long Eaton Branch of Royal British Legioni) request to apply for a Commonwealth War Grave Commission sign to be place at the entrance to the Cemetery – RESOLVED to approve the request. ii) request to hold a service at the Cemetery – RESOLVED that the RBL could hold a private service, with a maximum attendance of 50, subject to providing the Parish Council with the required information and assurances.

d) Draycott Millennium Green Trust – RESOLVED to provide funding of £1440 towards the fitness hub project.

e) CCTV Cameras at Leisure Green – RESOLVED to note that the Parish Council has made a further contribution of £338 towards the project. It was also agreed that the 1st Draycott and Wilne Scout Group could arrange for the removal the two hawthorn trees adjacent to the MUGA at their own cost.

f) Christmas Illuminations 2017 – RESOLVED i) that the quotation from Leisurelites be accepted ii) that a 16’ tree be ordered from Mr Christmas, iii) which Councillors will liaise with contractors, carry out inspections and co-ordinate the switch-on.

g) Draycott Village Fundrequest to provide and install a memorial seat on the Playing Fields/Draycott Millennium Green – RESOLVED to approve the request and delegate authority to the Chairman and vice-Chairman of the Recreation Committee to agree designs/locations and other arrangements.

h) Draycott Village Fund – request for the Parish Council to submit a planning application for a village sign on behalf of their behalf – RESOLVED to note the report.

 88/17. Finance

a) Accounts for payment and receipts since the last meeting.



Direct Debits –

JWP – Web-site Management                                  35.25

Erewash Borough Council – Rates – Cemetery          50.00

British Gas – elec – P Rooms and Pavilion               100.19

B Telecom – telephone and broadband                    227.79


Staff salary and wages                                            1791.59

Petty cash                                                              9.05

St Chad’s Fishing club – litter picking                       75.00

GB Water – Legionella testing                                  42.00

Paul Guyll – grounds maintenance                            872.00

Horizon Landscapes Ltd – grounds maintenance       961.06

1st Draycott & Wilne Scout Group – CCTV/ Bd Con   413.00 – G Pof C

David Sims- Band Concert – p/a                              50.00 – G P of C

S Brown – meadow – St Chad’s Water LNR              108.00



R Smeeton – Ashes plaque and Memorial                 105.00

Kinton F D Ltd – Burial                                            325.00

Mr Clemerson – rent – garage space – L Green         75.00

1st Draycott & Wilne Scout Group – Rent                  100.00

Derby & Sand Canal Trust – P Rooms                      20.00

AW Lymn – Burial                                                    325.00

QTS – Donation – MG play equipment                      200.00

b) Financial Statement – RESOLVED to note the statement.


89/17 Planning – RESOLVED to approve the RECOMMENDATIONS from the Planning Committee meeting on the 11 July 2017.

Applications – ERE/0617/0023 – 29 Victoria Road, Draycott, ERE/0617/0054 – 69 Walter Street, Draycott, ERE/0317/0047 –75 Station Road, Draycott.

 Approvals – ERE/0417/0020 – 99 Derby Road, Draycott, ERE/0517/0003 – Derwent Cottage, Wilne Road, Draycott.


90/17 DALC Circulars – 08/2017


91/17 Items for Information – Erewash Impact Report 2016-17, Clerks and Councils Direct.









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