Minutes – 11/04/17



Present; Chairman – V Clare

Councillors – M Selwood, A Wilson, B Rogerson, J Fletcher, D Orchard, M Alexander, D Dundas

Derbyshire County Council – Councillor R Parkinson


40/17. Apologies- RESOLVED to approve the apologies for absence submitted on behalf of Councillors D Gelsthorpe and A McCandless

41/17. Variation of Order of Business – agreed that Minute 48/17e) be considered at the meeting due to its urgent nature.

42/17. Declaration of Members Interests –  none.

43/17. Dispensations – none.

44/17. Public Speaking –

Derbyshire Constabulary – PCSO Pykett had provided a written report detailing 2 crimes Derbyshire County Council – Councillor Parkinson referred to the report presented to the APM last week.

Erewash Borough Council – Councillor Clare had nothing to report.

Councillor Rogerson reported on his attendance at the Scout Executive meeting

Councillor Wilson reported on his attendance at the St Chad’s Fishing Club AGM

Councillor Clare – reported on her attendance at the Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust steering group.

45/17.Minutes – RESOLVED to confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the meetings held on the 14 March 2017 and 11 April 2017.

46/17 To determine which items if any from Part 1 of the Agenda should be taken with the public excluded. – none

47/17 Chairman’s Announcements. –

Casual vacancy – the Chairman reported that the closing date is on the 13 April 2017 and there has been one application to date.

Annual Meeting – the Chairman reminded Members that the Annual Meeting is next month and asked them to reflect on the formation of the committees and notify her of any particular responsibilities they would like to be considered for.

48/17. Report of the Parish Clerk –

a) Football Clubs – season 2017/18 – RESOLVED to note that all clubs have indicated that they wish to use the playing fields next season.

b) Summer Play scheme – RESOLVED to note that a play scheme will be held between the 31 July and 25 August 2017 and £1500 of the costs will be met from the G P of C budget.

c) Draycott Parish Council banking arrangements – RESOLVED to note that an account has been opened with the Nationwide Building Society.

d) ICCM – Subscription 2017/18 – RESOLVED to continue membership of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management.

e) St Chad’s Water LNR – unauthorised planting of shrub – RESOLVED; i) that a notice be put next to the shrub worded as follows;

‘Would the owner of this shrub please contact the Parish Council by the 30 April 2017.  If no contact has been made by this date the Parish Council will make arrangements for the shrub to be removed.’

ii) If the shrub has not been moved by 30 April 2017 the Parish Council will remove the shrub.

49/17. Finance

a) Accounts for payment and receipts since the last meeting.


PAYMENTS – up to 31/3/17

Direct Debits –

British Gas – electricity – Parish Rooms                   67.81

British Gas – electricity – Pavilion                             34.29


Friends of St Chad’s – donation                               100.00 (G P of C)

Staff salary and wages                                            2021.98

Petty cash                                                              18.62

St Chad’s Fishing club – litter picking                       75.00

GB Water – Legionella testing                                  42.00

Paul Guyll – grounds maintenance                            623.50

Horizon – grounds maintenance                               660.00

1st Draycott & Wilne Scout Group – elec floodlights  510.33

M Honman – pavilion repairs                                    30.00

A Wright – Computer service –                                  35.00

Excel Office Equipment – shredder                          79.19


PAYMENTS – 2017/18

Direct Debits –

JWP – Web-site Management                                  35.25

PWLA – Loan Repayment                                        1737.85

Erewash Borough Council – Rates – Cemetery          50.95

British Gas – elec – Parish Rooms                           25.64

British Gas – elec – Pavilion                                     6.54

British Telecom – Tel and Internet                             160.89


DALC – Subscription                                               629.18

DMGT – Insurance premiums                                   619.37

ICCM – subscription                                                90.00

EBC – access Parish Rooms                                   25.00

M Evans – inspection of viewing platform – SCW     330.00


INCOME – up to 31/3/17

Derby County Ladies FC – fees                               50.00

TA and VR – rent                                                     180.90

Sandiacre Town YFC – fees                                     180.00

b) Financial Statement – RESOLVED to note the statement.

 50/17 Planning – RESOLVED to approve the RECOMMENDATIONS from the Planning Committee meeting on the 14 March 2017.

Applications – ERE/0317/0047 – 75 Station Road, Draycott, ERE/0317/0057 – 29 South Street, Draycott – no objections

Approval – ERE/0117/0046 – 23 Victoria Road, Draycott

51/17 DALC Circulars – 04/2017

52/17 Items for Information – none



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