Minutes – 08/12/2015




Present; Chairman – V Clare

Councillors – M Selwood, M Alexander, A Wilson, D Dundas, D Orchard, J Price, B Rogerson,

Derbyshire County Council – Councillor R Parkinson

Derbyshire Constabulary – PCSO K Pykett

Members of the public – Mr and Mrs Brown – Mapleton Road, Draycott


131/15. Apologies- RESOLVED to approve the apologies for absence submitted on behalf of Councillors C Withey and A McCandless

132/15. Variation of Order of Business – none.

133/15. Declaration of Members Interests – none.

134/15. Dispensations – it was noted that dispensations had been requested and granted to all Councillors in respect of budget and precept making business and Draycott Millennium Green Trust business.

135/15. Public Speaking – Mr and Mrs Brown raised concerns about the parking on Mapleton Road when football matches are taking place. PCSO Pykett explained the laws regarding parking and asked them to ring the police when they have problems. She also agreed to visit the area when available.

PCSO Pykett – reported that there had been 2 crimes since the last meeting. She also informed the meeting of the new speed checking equipment she had sourced. Some Councillors agreed to take part in future speed watches she arranges.

Derbyshire County Council – Cllr Parkinson had provided a written report. Councillors were reminded to inform the Clerk of details of pavements and roads in need of repair.

Erewash Borough Council – Cllr Clare reported on Borough matters.

Councillor Rogerson reported on a meeting of the Scout Executive and on the Councillors Induction course both he and Cllr Wilson had attended.

Councillor Orchard reported that he would be attending a meeting of the Risley Educational Foundation the following day.

Councillor Selwood reported on the DALC training course she and Cllrs Alexander and Price had attended.

Councillor Clare reported that she and Cllr Rogerson had taken part in the action morning at St Chad’s Water LNR.

136/15.Minutes – RESOLVED to confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the meetings held on the 10 and 15 November and the 4 December 2015.

137/15 To determine which items if any from Part 1 of the Agenda should be taken with the public excluded. – No items were deemed confidential.

138/15 Chairman’s Announcements. – the Chairman thanked the Councillors who had taken part in organising the Christmas light arrangements and explained plans for next year’s School Christmas card competition.

139/15. Report of the Parish Clerk –

i) Awards for All – Health and Well-being project – end of project reportRESOLVED to note the report and confirm that the balance of income be used to provide sports camps during the summer school holidays. The Clerk was thanked for organising this project.

ii) Play Area improvements – results of consultation – RESOLVED i) to note the results of the consultation and confirm the project to be submitted to the Draycott Millennium Green Trust. ii) to use the voucher and discount from Streetscape towards ‘matched funding’ for the Junior play area iii) to fund £1500 of the costs for the Junior Play area project from the 2016/17 Concurrent Functions budget.

iii) EBC – Brass Band Concert 2016 – RESOLVED i) the concert be held on the 26 June 2016 ii) the Scouts be asked to provide free refreshments (for a donation of £200) iii) D Sims be asked to provide a PA system.

iv) Projects to mark the Centenary of the First World War – Open Meeting – 3 February 2016 – 7.30pm – RESOLVED to note the response from Community groups and that Councillor Alexander will co-ordinate the arrangements for the meeting.

v) EBC – By-election in Draycott and Church Wilne Parish – RESOLVED to note the timetable and that poll cards will not be required.

vi) Finance Committee – 15 November 2015 – RESOLVED;

Revised Estimate 2015/16 – i)that an amount of £3000 be included in the budget to fund the potential costs of a bye-election ii) that an amount of £3000 be included in the budget to fund the replacement of the fence on the playing fields.

Base Budget 2016/17 – that the RECOMMENDATIONS of the Finance Committee at its meeting on the 18 November 2015 be incorporated in the base budget for consideration at the Finance Committee meeting on the 16 December 2015.

St Chad’s Fishing Club – that a new agreement be discussed and arranged with the club in accordance with the RECOMMENDATIONS of the Finance Committee at its meeting on the 18 November 2015.

vii) Local Council Award Scheme – The Parish Council considered the findings of the accreditation panel and RESOLVED;

Standing Orders – to amend 3l as indicated in the letter

Financial Regulations – to remove the brackets from 9.10.

Equality Policy – to adopt the revised policy

All policies – when reviewing policies each year SLCC guidance is sought on any changes in legislation.

Register of Interest forms – that they be available for review by Councillors at the Annual Meeting each year together with any supporting information provided by the Monitoring Officer. Councillors are aware of the current findings from the review panel.

Scheme of Delegation – to adopt the revised document.

The Clerk was thanked for her work in co-ordinating the submission.

viii) SLCC – Subscription – £167 – RESOLVED to continue with the subscription.

ix) Sector Led Body for Audit Procurement – RESOLVED not to opt-out procurement of audit for smaller authorities by the Smaller Authority Audit Appointment Authority Limited.

140/15. Finance

a) Accounts for payment and receipts since the last meeting.


Direct Debits

Eon – Parish Rooms and Pavilion 70.88

JWP – web-site management 35.25

EBC – Rates – Cemetery 50.00

Severn Trent Water – pavilion and parish rooms 149.43

Staff salary and wages 1757.62

Petty cash 22.50

St Chad’s Fishing club – litter picking 83.75

GB Water – Legionella testing 74.40

Horizon Landscapes – ground maintenance 3482.75

P Guyll – Grounds Maintenance 717.25

Excel Office Equipment – stationery 30.22

Leisurelites – Christmas lights 2556.00

Information Commissioner – data protection regn 35.00

Draycott Community Primary School – room hire 495.00 (A for A)

M Honman – repairs at pavilion 25.00

SLCC – subscriptions 167.00


Co-operative bank – interest 42.73

Awards for all – Exercise classes 10.00

Co-operative funeral care – burial 570.00

b) Financial Statement – RESOLVED to note the statement

141/15 Planning – RESOLVED to approve the RECOMMENDATIONS of the Planning Committee held on the 4 December 2015.

Applications– ERE/0915/0042 – Victoria Mill, Town End Road, Draycott, ERE/1115/0012 – 2 Wilne Road, Draycott, ERE/1115/0014 – Land north west of 85 Wallis Close, Draycott, ERE/1215/0001 – Land east of 10 Wallis Close, ERE/0915/0038 – Land south of 6 The Pines, Draycott – revised proposed elevations – no objections to all applications.

Invalidated ERE/0915/0045 – 55 Sawley Road, Draycott, Derby

142/15 DALC Circulars – 25/2015

i)Training – confirmed attendance at DALC Training courses – the Chairman stressed the importance of Councillors continuing to attend these courses.

143/15 Items for Information – EBC – Equalities Objectives 2016 – consultation, CPRE, The Clerk, EBC – Agendas, ICCM




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