Minutes – 08/11/16


Present; Chairman – V Clare

Councillors – M Selwood, A Wilson,B Rogerson, J Fletcher, D Dundas, D Orchard, M Alexander, A McCandless, C Withey

Members of Public – E Case – Lime Grove.



120/16. Apologies- RESOLVED to approve the apologies for absence submitted on behalf of  Councillor  R Parkinson

121/16. Variation of Order of Business – agreed that the Planning application ERE/1016/0050 be considered at the meeting due to the timescale required by EBC.

122/16. Declaration of Members Interests – none.

123/16. Dispensations – none

124/16. Public Speaking –

Derbyshire Constabulary – PCSO Pykett had provided a written report detailing 4 crimes since the last meeting.

Derbyshire County Council – no report

Erewash Borough Council – Cllrs Clare and McCandless reported on EBC activities.

Councillor Alexander –  reported that a meeting had been held with local groups to discuss 1st World War commemorations. Groups are planning ways to commemorate the event and it appears that external funding is not required. It has therefore been agreed that the group should no longer meet.

Councillor Clare reported that she and the Clerk had met with Officers from EBC to provide photographs and information for an article in EBC Today on St Chad’s Water LNR

125/16.Minutes – RESOLVED to confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the meetings held on the 11 October and 8 November 2016.

126/16 To determine which items if any from Part 1 of the Agenda should be taken with the public excluded. – none

127/16 Chairman’s Announcements. – no applications have been received to fill the casual vacancy. The closing date has been extended to the 30 November 2016.

Remembrance Sunday Service  13 November 2016 – 12 noon at War Memorial

December Parish Council meeting – 13 December – 7pm – to be followed by refreshments.

128/16. Report of the Parish Clerk –

a) Post Office relocation – consultation – the Parish Council’s response to the consultation was RESOLVED.

b) Derby and Sandiacre Canal Society – RESOLVED to support the Society’s ‘Golden Mile’ project for Draycott and appoint Councillor Clare as the Parish Council’s representative on the ‘Draycott Project team’

c) Request for donation – RESOLVED to provide ‘matched funding’ of £132 towards the application from the Scouts, Table Tennis Club and Army Cadets to the Police Commissioner for CCTV cameras at the Leisure Green.

 129/16. Finance

a) Accounts for payment and receipts since the last meeting.

PAYMENTS –                                                         £

Direct Debits –

JWP – Web-site Management                                  35.25

EBC – Rates – Cemetery                                         51.00

Eon – Electricity – Pavilion                                      (25.45) Minute 102/16 – not taken


Staff salary and wages                                            1773.47

Petty cash                                                              28.42 (inc Bugler £20 GP of C)

St Chad’s Fishing club – litter picking                       75.00

GB Water – Legionella testing                                  42.00

Paul Guyll – grounds maintenance                            829.75

Horizon Landscapes – grds maint                            1122.19

Safezone Security Ltd – alarm service                      60.00

Excel Office Equipment – stationery                                    17.74

Kevin Holmes – Community Centre                           7470.00 (EBC Grant funding)

Stringer Electrical – Community Centre                     325.00 (EBC Grant funding)

Adie Tivey – Community Centre                                565.00 (EBC Grant funding)



1st Draycott & Wilne Scout group – insurance rech    734.99

Funeral Services – Ashes interment                          110.00

Ms M Troup MP – Hire of Parish Rooms                   20.00

A W Lymn – burial                                                   62.00

Funeral Services – Burial and Ashes plaque              100.00

b) Financial Statement – RESOLVED to note the statement.


130/16 Planning – RESOLVED to approve the RECOMMENDATIONS from the Planning Committee meeting on the 8 November 2016.

Applications – ERE/1016/0005 – 29 Victoria Road, Draycott, (including licence application for a new premises licence ), ERE/1016/0007 – 28 Milner Road, Draycott ERE/1016/0031 – 61 Wallis Close, Draycott. ERE/1016/0035 – 9 Cleveland Avenue, Draycott – no objections.

ERE/1016/0043 – 117 Derby Road, Draycott – to raise the following objections; i) the proposed garage will be in front of the building line and could set a precedent for future developments at nearby properties ii) the development would have a detrimental effect on the street scene, iii) the additional garage would result in an over development of the site.

ERE/1016/0050 – 9 South Street, Draycott. – whilst there are no objections to the application the Parish Council would ask that consideration is given to including conditions i) enable access to the properties on Gilliver Gardens at all times ii) due regard is given to the size of vehicles that will be accessing using the adjoining road during the building process iii) a ‘hard surface’ access road be created on completion.

131/16 DALC Circulars – 16/2016

132/16 Items for Information – Your Derbyshire magazine (DCC), Clerks and councils Direct, The Clerk.




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