Minutes – 08/11/16 – Planning Committee


Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held in the Parish Rooms, Elvaston Street, Draycott on Tuesday 8 November 2016 at 10.00am

Present; Chairman – M Alexander

Councillors  D Orchard, V Clare, A Wilson

Members of the Public – Mr Sallis – Derby Road, Draycott, Ms Houghton – Gilliver Gardens, Draycott


 Apologies-  none

Variation of Order of business – agreed that the Planning application ERE/1016/0050 be considered at the meeting due to the timescale required by EBC.

Declaration of Members Interests – none

Dispensations – none

Public Speaking – Mr Sallis attended the meeting to make representations in respect of application ERE/1016/0043, Ms Houghton attended the meeting to make representations in respect of application ERE/1016/0050.

To determine which items if any from Part 1 of the Agenda should be taken with the public excluded. If the Council decides to exclude the public it will be necessary to pass a resolution in the following terms: – No items were deemedconfidential

 Planning – RECOMMENDATIONS to the Parish Council meeting on the 8 November 2016.

Applications – ERE/1016/0005 – 29 Victoria Road, Draycott, (including licence application for a new premises licence ), ERE/1016/0007 – 28 Milner Road, Draycott ERE/1016/0031 – 61 Wallis Close, Draycott. ERE/1016/0035 – 9 Cleveland Avenue, Draycott – no objections.

ERE/1016/0043 – 117 Derby Road, Draycott – to raise the following objections; i) the proposed garage will be in front of the building line and could set a precedent for future developments at nearby properties ii) the development would have a detrimental effect on the street scene, iii) the additional garage would result in an over development of the site.

ERE/1016/0050 – 9 South Street, Draycott. – whilst there are no objections to the application the Parish Council would ask that consideration is given to including conditions  i) enable access to the properties on Gilliver Gardens at all times ii)  due regard is given to the size of vehicles that will be accessing using the adjoining road during the building process iii) a ‘hard surface’ access road be created on completion.


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