Draycott Cemetery

The Draycott Cemetery is situated on Hopwell Road, Draycott, Derby and is owned and managed by Draycott Parish Council.

Information related to Draycott Cemetery

Memorial Safety Testing in Draycott Cemetery, Hopwell Road, Draycott

Draycott Parish Council, will begin testing memorials in the Cemetery on Hopwell Road from July 2022.

Draycott Parish Council is obliged to undertake this work to ensure that the cemetery is a safe place for the public to visit.  All memorials over 625mm in height will be tested by trained staff using industry approved testing procedures, the initial testing will be a visual assessment and hand test.

Any memorials found to be unsafe will be either: laid flat; secured with a temporary stake; or cordoned off to ensure that they do not present a risk to visitors to the cemetery.

Draycott Parish Council does not fix any memorials but can on request by the owner of the memorial, make a memorial safe by digging it into the ground (called sinking).  Only British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM) members can fix memorials in the cemeteries. The costs for fixing or sinking will be at the owner of the memorials expense.

We will endeavour to carry out this work with minimal disruption to the public.

If you have any questions regarding the testing process or if you are the owner of a memorial and wish to update your contact details, please contact the Sheena Butcher (Clerk) on Tel 01332 875278 or email clerk@draycott-pc.gov.uk