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To assist in the working of the Council there are a number of smaller groups of Councillors who focus on different areas of the village. Each committee has a Chairman and can meet as required. The committee have delegated powers to make some decisions or will report back to the full Council and make recommendations for discussion and decision.

Recreation  and St Chad’s Local Nature Reserve  Committee

  • Playing Fields  –  the maintenance of the Playing Fields and Millennium Green on Hopwell Road.
  • Leisure Green – this area of open space is off Derby Road. It has a Multi-use games area and a concrete chess table and table tennis table and is home to the buildings used by the 1st Draycott and Wilne Scout Group, the Draycott and Long Eaton Table tennis club and the Army Cadets.
  • St Chad’s Water Local Nature Reserve – is on the outskirts of the village at Church Wilne. The area was created following gravel extraction and has benefited from improvements to paths, seating and car parking

Chairman Cllr Jenny Fletcher, Vice – Chairman – Cllr Andy Meakin, Members – Cllrs Martin Wilson, Roger Brown, Chris Wheatley, Martyn Knight

 Cemetery  Committee

The Cemetery is on Hopwell Road and has been improved in recent years. The committee are also responsible for the War Memorial on Station Road and organising the Remembrance Service

Chairman – Cllr Diane Dundas, Vice – Chairman Cllr Chris Wheatley,  Members Cllrs, Tim Scott, Val Clare and Katie Rose

Finance and General Purpose Committee

This committee plans and recommends the annual budget and precept  to the full council for approval and other financial matters as required.  They also look after the Parish Rooms, manage staffing and any complaints

Chairman – Cllr Bob Rogerson, Vice-Chairman – Cllr Val Clare, Members Cllrs Tim Scott, Andy Meakin and Martyn Knight

Planning and Transport Committee

The committee responds to any planning applications submitted for the parish, they also are responsible for any transport issues within the Parish.

Chairman –  Cllr Tim Scott , Vice-Chairman – Cllr Katie Rose,  Members – Cllrs Val Clare, Martin Wilson, Roger Brown, Andy Meakin, Jenny Fletcher 

The Chairman and vice-Chairman of the Parish Council are ex-officio members of all Committees.

Working Groups

Annual Parish Meeting Working Group

Chairman – Cllr Tim Scott, Members – Cllrs Diane Dundas, Val Clare, Andy Meakin and Katie Rose

St Chads LNR Funding Working Group

Chairman – Cllr Jenny Fletcher, Members – Cllrs Martin Wilson, Roger Brown, Andy Meakin and Val Clare

Climate Emergency Working Group

Chairman – Cllr Tim Scott, Members – Cllrs Martin Wilson, Katie Rose and Diane Dundas

Councillor Representatives of Local Groups

1st Draycott and Wilne Scout Group – Cllr Bob Rogerson

Draycott and Long Eaton Table Tennis Club – Cllr Val Care

Borough / Parish Forum – Cllr Martin Wilson

Risley Educational Trust – Cllr Val Clare

Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust – Cllr Tim Scott and Cllr Val Clare

Draycott in Bloom – Cllr Jenny Fletcher

Draycott Village Fund – Cllr Roger Brown

St Chad’s Fishing Club – Cllr Andy Meakin

Draycott Community Business Group – Cllr Diane Dundas

Elvaston Quarry Liaison – Cllr Martin Wilson

East Midlands Airport Future Airspace – Cllr Tim Scott

Climate Emergency / Environment – Cllr Tim Scott